Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pentagon Gouge Index

According to wikipedia, "In U.S. Navy jargon, gouge is --
  • the essential piece of information, the heart of the matter;
  • a crib sheet or other condensed summary of useful information;
  • outstanding test-preparation material such as an old test copy.
A person who is tired of hearing all the extraneous information surrounding a problem might exclaim "Just give me the gouge!"

Similar to my Oahu Favorites and NoVA Favorites lists I keep updated with an index to previous topics in my blog, I thought it would be a good idea to write one for the Pentagon Newbie Gouge I've written so far. Like the other lists, I'll post a link to this post on the right side of my blog and keep it up to date as I add anything new.

Here are the things I've written so far about working in and around the Pentagon.  Note, I was gone from 2010-2013, so a few things have changed.  I am updating the posts below as I discover things that changed since I left in 2010.

- Badge Holders
- Barber Shop
- CAC Cards / Military Dependent ID cards
- Cell Phones
- Comfy Shoes and Follow-Up on Comfy Shoes
- Correspondence Manual
- Guaranteed Ride Home, actually NOT-so-guaranteed as it turns out
- Gym Membership in Crystal City (PAC Annex vs. Sport & Health Club)
- Holiday Party Gift Exchanges
- ITT (military-discounted tickets)
- Medical Clinic
- Parking (infrequent parking for those who normally take the bus)
- Pay-and-Display parking meters
- PCS - checking out of the Pentagon and heading back to the fleet
- PHA (Physical Health Assessment - get it done early)
- Pentagon Tours
- Pharmacy refills
- Photo Studio / Service Record Photos
- Post Office
- Safe Ride Home (during holiday season)
- Saluting and Saluting Part II
- Shuttle Bus
- Snow days / Federal Government Closure
- Special Events - locations to have ceremonies
- Uniform Shop (see also this post about Navy Annex)

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