Monday, November 3, 2008

Pentagon Newbie Gouge: DoD Shuttle Bus

Update 12/16/2008: I get periodic hits from people searching for the DoD shuttle bus schedule. If you're looking for the schedule, you can find it here, but I think the web page will only open for you if you are accessing it from a *.mil domain computer.

Okay, so for anyone else new to the Pentagon or nearby vicinity (Crystal City and Navy Annex in particular), here's your random observation of the day.

If you take the DoD shuttle bus to either Crystal City or the Navy Annex, note that the sign in the front window of the bus does NOT say the same thing on both sides.

So, if you were to walk up to the bus from abaft the beam (behind the bus) and look in through the open door and see "Crystal City" on the blue sign in the windshield, then that bus will NOT take you to the Crystal City. The OTHER side of the sign - the side facing OUT the front of the bus - will say "Navy Annex." The buses alternate between driving to the Navy Annex and driving to Crystal City, so they flip the sign when they get to the end of each lap.

So pay attention to what the sign says from the FRONT of the bus. If all else fails, swallow your pride and ask someone else standing there waiting for the bus.

Don't ask me why I know this.

Sorry, I know this may seem pretty simple, and I bet those of you smarter than me will figure that out quicker than I did. If at least ONE person reads this and it saves them an unnecessary trip to the Navy Annex, then this blog post will have been a success.

Carry on smartly.


Ruth Burkett said...

Hmmm... Have an extra long bus ride one day recently? I remember doing something similar the first time I rode the subway from Times Square to I-can't-remember, but there are only tow stops, one at each end of the shuttle. So if the trains stops and you don't get off, it backs up and goes where you started. I must have been 18 or so when i did that one. Never told New Yorker Mom that one; she would never have let me live it down.

Dani said...
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Caffienated Cowgirl said...

and still they entrust you with the security of our nation...hmmm... :)

Hilary said...

This and the previous post cracked me up. Hopefully you had a book to read on your extra-long bus ride. :)

Anonymous said...

*chuckle* We all go amiss sometimes. Luckily I had a handy dandy set of metro directions to each of my potential locations when I got to DC thanks to a knowing person! ;)