Friday, November 28, 2008

Another successful Black Friday

Hooray! Once again, I have successfully avoided going anywhere near any shopping plazas on Black Friday.

What did I do instead?

Finally hooked up the Wii (my wife's been asking me to do that for a while now, and it just hadn't percolated to the top of my to-do list yet), played video games with the boys, hung some pictures, aaaaand...


...hung up Christmas lights. I'm not sure if I'm done yet though. We might need to put some lights around the living room bump-out. In case you can't tell in the picture, those two lit-up blobs in the foreground are penguins. They didn't come out so well in the photo.

How was your day off?


Nereus said...

Not so good,
I wasn't able to avoid the early AM deployment with the better half as security and hoisting detail. She had a detailed plan of attack down to the minute and dollar. All the years of being underway, I couldn't no and roll over and snooze (what I really wanted to do)
Overall, I was fun* in the I did that and won't do it again fun.

Hope you and the family had a wonderful holiday and relaxing long weekend. Don't work too hard around the house, enjoy, and thanks for the service to the country.

Chase said...

Gave in and bought a fake Christmas tree. Mother-in-law is allergic to real trees and the wife thinks a fake tree will be easier when I'm on patrol. But believe you me, the real tree will be back again soon!

Ruth Burkett said...

Only made one trip out yesterday, Black Friday. Bro had to get an item or two at Lowe's. I went a long to peruse the variations on Lowe's here in OR instead of MO. Little traffic and no problems at 1400 hrs. By the time we went to movie Australia, shoppers definitely were not a problem. Besides, that sort of early morning thing is much more fun with a couple friends/relatives to yuck it up. That's as in , "Yuck, yuck, yuck, what the H#ll are we doing out here instead of being home in our nice warm beds?"

The Yokoyama's said...

We ate Chinese Food at Panda Inn at the Top of Horton Plaza. An annual tradition with our friend Irene who comes from Germany for Thanksgiving every year. It's been 5 years since I was able to do this SD Thanksgiving. My dad showed us a dome covered area with perfect acoustics so we all sang Jingle Bells for everyone before we left. Now that was fun!