Thursday, November 13, 2008

You know you have a problem when...

My sister-in-law Laura is psychic.

I'm sitting here in my comfy chair.

The phone rings.

I answer it.

Laura: "Hey, I was trying to think of someone I knew who would probably be sitting around with their computer on their lap..."

Me: Silence.

Laura: Asks me to check the status of an arriving flight on the internet.

Me: Check. The flight has landed and arrived at the gate 6 minutes ago. They're going to baggage claim 1. Mission accomplished.

Laura: "Okay, thanks. I'll let you get back to blogging."

Am I that predictable?


reddog said...

What's scary is that many intelligent, educated people do not own computers or cruise the the inner tubes.

What future do you think is out there for those who are both functionally illiterate and cannot nav the net? Seems bleak.

Even my old man, in his eighties, spends hours each day on the net. He keeps the font size as large as possible. He's got a big magnifying glass he moves over the display screen. He can't drive any more. I don't think he even minds that much. He's like Tron, baby! Prolly chatting up the young girls on MY Space.

Get the sister woman a Mac book for Christmas. I've got an old G4 clam shell I can let you have for $50.

Sagey said...

Umm, yea you are that predictable.

Reddog, the sister woman has her own computer she was just in the car outside of the airport. :-)

Hilary said...

Yes, you are. I knew you were going t blog this. ;)

We bloggers are all too darned predictable methinks.

JoLee said...

YOU will be the first tron to wear a heads-up display and have the keyboard dangling from a carrier on your right hip! We won't be far behind!