Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You know your kid is a Navy brat when...

Could you imagine being in an elementary school teacher in the continental United Status (and NOT near a Navy base) and getting an assignment turned in like this?

ES was tasked to draw a picture and write a paragraph about a penguin going on vacation. Here's what he wrote:

In case you have trouble reading it, it says:
Bob the penguin is going on vacation to pearl harbor Hawaii to see the arzona mamorial and missori. Bob is staying at the hale coa in wikiki for 7 weeks. Bob is packing sunglasses, sun tan loation, shorts, short sleve shirts.
See the ARIZONA Memorial on the left side of his drawing and the MISSOURI on the right side? I particularly like the palm trees and the Aloha shirt.

ES said one other kid in his class wrote about his penguin taking a vacation to Hawaii, but he didn't write anything about the ARIZONA or the MISSOURI. Go figure.

Man, I wish I could take a 7 week vacation, don't you??? I'm not sure where he got that idea from. The longest we've ever gone on vacation is for a week. Maybe he was thinking 7 days.


Hilary said...

I'd kind of like to see the "arzona mamorial" myself. ;)

Too cute.

Sagey said...

Before any disgruntle sailors pipe in, I would like to say weren't we just on a 15 month vacation to Hawaii? Ha ha ha!!

Sam said...

That is a pretty impressive project! I too love the aloha shirt. I think this blog post has just made my day!