Thursday, January 1, 2009

Holy Soggy Socks Batman!

I'm sure you've all had the experience of walking around in your socks and stepping on something wet. Dontchya just HATE that sensation as the wetness seeps into your sock and spreads around, sticking to your foot?

So there I was...

In spite of my last post saying I didn't plan on staying up to watch the ball drop, I got sucked into a movie on TV (I Am Legend - pretty creepy). By the time the movie was over, it was like 11:30, so I decided to stay up and watch the ball drop.

I got up to take a dish to the dishwasher, and as I stepped onto the rug in front of the kitchen sink, I felt the cold wetness oozing into my sock and spreading across my foot. I opened the door to the cabinet under the sink and found standing water under the sink.


It wasn't readily obvious what the source of the flooding was, so I removed all the stuff from the cabinet and cleaned up the standing water. I laid a towel down and went back to watch the ball drop at midnight. When I went back, the corner of the towel was wet, telling me the water was coming from our little instant-hot water doodad.

Of course, there was no isolation valve to the instant hot water thing, so I had to shut off the hot water to the kitchen sink, get the wrenches out and remove the T-joint that provided the water supply to it.

Corollary random thoughts and observations:
  1. Anybody wanna bet the hot water thingy is NOT covered by our useless home warranty???
  2. Why do these household casualties always happen on holidays???
  3. Where's an A-ganger when you need him??? They need to find an excuse to station a few at the Pentagon to help me with these household emergencies.
On a positive note, I was very pleased that this O-Ganger was for once able to operate not one but TWO wrenches at the same time and didn't break anything. :-)

Happy New Year!


Nereus said...

Hmm, Looks like the hot water still got ya on a Holiday. Kinda like being on the boat, your best laid plans, meticulous attention to detail of both preventive maintenance and all associated paper work, MR Murphy will still find a way to get ya.

Well the up side, You have isolated the effected component, cleaned up, and still operate all of the other facilities (Bathroom, hot water to kitchen, dishwasher) that make life pleasant.

Happy New Year


Ruth said...

When I casually mentioned to the plumber that I was thinking of swapping out the kitchen spigot for a pull-out one, he replied, "Just don't do it on a Sunday or holiday." He's VERY superstitious.

JoLee said...

ok, after you accomplished all that... what time was it when you finally got to bed?

blunoz said...

Nereus - Yeah, Murphy has been very active in my life the last several days. Tried to take the bus to work Monday, only there was no bus because they're on holiday routine. Went to the gym, couldn't get my heart-rate monitor to work. Got on the elliptical machine and pushed play on my MP3 player, and it declared to me the battery was dead and shut off. Tuesday I found out the project I spent all day working on Monday got flushed down the toilet. The list goes on...

Aunt Ruth - Yeah, you'll find sailors are generally pretty superstitious, too. On my last boat it was absolutely forbidden to run any drills on Sunday, because anytime a drill had been run on a Sunday, something really BAD happened.

JoLee - It was about 12:45 when I eventually went to bed.

C said...

Ew. I feel your pain. Yesterday I spend a couple of hours fixing my dishwasher.