Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chuck in 3D

Flash Traffic!

I'm posting this out of my usual 7:08 reporting time in order to give you time to run to the store this weekend. I just found out that

Here's the trailer for the show:

It turns out, they're leveraging off the fact that 3D glasses are being distributed everywhere in preparation for the Super Bowl special 3D movie trailer during half-time.

So get thee to your nearest grocery store and pick up your 3D glasses for Chuck on Monday!


Sagey said...

Why haven't you run out to get ours?! :-)

JoLee said...

¿what if you're old enough to have them left from the 1950's?

blunoz said...

Chuck in 3D was AWESOME!

JoLee said...

From the Geezer POV we rated it only a 7 & 3D=-2