Sunday, February 1, 2009

Mark Your Calendar: DC Submarine Ball '09


DC area submariners, mark your calendars!

The Submarine Birthday Ball


Saturday, 11 April 2009

at the

Crystal Gateway Marriott
Dress: Formal (black tie - civilian, dinner dress BLUE jacket - military).

Tickets (per person): E1-E6 - $45; E7-O4 - $60; all others - $70.
To all submariners out there regardless of location: As a friendly reminder from last year, if you haven't tried on your mess dress blues lately, NOW would be a good time to try them on and see if:

(a) they have the correct rank on the sleeves,
(b) they still fit, and
(c) you have all the pieces and parts.

This is especially important in the DC area since getting to a Navy uniform shop isn't exactly convenient for a lot of us.

Don't wait til the last minute! Take those mini-medals in to be mounted, sleeves to be striped, and anything else you need now so it's not a last minute rush.

If you read my blog and you attend the ball, then I hope you'll find me in the crowd and say hi at the ball.


Sagey said...

Who wants to go dress shopping with me?! Oh what fun!

Anonymous said...

My wife may actually want to go to this... shocking.

JoLee said...

sounds like "Mother Kev" ;) Yo, Sagey - I did it once and I'd love to do it again..... Oh, wait, I don't arrive until about 3 days before the Ball - guess I'll just have to bring my magic wand and POOF up a carriage, gown & "crystal" shoes. PS: you don't have to be home by midnight!