Wednesday, February 25, 2009

DC Area Submarine Ball and Happy Hour

Heads up for bubbleheads in the DC area:

N87 hosts a monthly social gathering for submariners in the N87 spaces at the Pentagon. This month's event is this coming Friday, 2/27/09, from 1500-1700.

If you're in the area, I encourage you to attend. I always end up running into some old shipmate or classmate that I haven't seen in ages. It's a great place to relax with a cold beverage, swap some sea stories and catch up with old friends.

If you need directions, drop me an email.


Submarine Ball Update

As promised, here is the flier for the DC area 2009 Submarine Birthday Ball.

(Click on image to enlarge)

I have the flier in MS Word format if you would like for me to email it to you.

I have received a couple of email questions about the ball. Here are the answers for anyone else who has the same questions:

1. Where do you buy tickets?

Answer: It's on the flier.

2. What type of dress is appropriate for ladies to wear when the guys wear dinner dress blues?

Answer: See my wife's post on that topic.

Friendly reminder / public service announcement: NOW would be a good time to try on your dinner dress blues and see if they still fit or if you have all the pieces and parts. Uniform shops aren't exactly conveniently located around here.

Need a date? I don't know if Craigslist works as well here as it did in Hawaii, but you could give it a try. :-) (See last year's post on that topic.)


blunoz said...

I had a question about "what's for dinner" at the ball. I asked Travis. He said there will be some sort of a combo plate with a beef and a chicken entree so hopefully you'll like one or the other. The chicken they're doing this year is the same that they did last year and was a big hit. He said they would have a vegetarian alternative available, too.

Chap said...

How'd it go? I always thought the social events in DC for submariners tended towards the, uh, graspy. Lots of social climbing going on. Some guys considered it the type of DC event where as soon as you're shaking the hand of someone the other guy's in a track-while-scan for someone more important to talk to.

You'd meet some interesting folks, though.

blunoz said...

Chap - Unfortunately, a last minute crisis on Friday afternoon kept me chained to my desk and unable to attend the happy hour.

There ARE a lot of senior officers at the happy hour and I can imagine there would be some who would try to use such a situation for schmoozing / social climbing.

Me, personally? I go for the cold beverages and to share a few sea stories with old shipmates. If I don't see any old shipmates in the room, then I take off and head for the bus ride home.

Chap said...

I thought I commented here but I guess it didn't take. My apologies for the slow response. Thanks for the info--sorry to hear about the bog-standard Friday afternoon crisis...