Thursday, February 12, 2009


Public service announcement for you guys out there:


I would love to offer you some wisdom and advice on how not to get in trouble with your significant other on Valentine's Day, but I have to tread very lightly lest the comments section fill up with stories of my own colossal mess-ups of Valentine's Days past. Note that last year I didn't post ANYTHING about Valentine's Day - I just didn't want to open this can of worms. I figured this year I'd just offer this up as a simple reminder in case you've had a busy week and don't realize it's the day after tomorrow.

Anyway, get thee to a florist.

Oh, and for some humorous Valentine's Day advice, check out this post on Broadside.


Nereus said...

in a word


The ultimate Hallmark Holiday..

Loathed from grade school when you had to put up that decorated lunchsack.. to gather the greetings of classmates that are forced to participate.

Fast Forward to adult life, Majority of time at sea during FEB, If on Shore duty, MMM.. Seem to have duty and or some exercise going in mid Feb...

Other half is well calloused against the holiday.

Heck, If I did get her a card and flowers, She would be looking around the house to figure out what I messed up to try and "grease the wheels" so to speak.


JoLee said...

Buy your flowers the WEEK before... they'll still look good on 2/14 (much cheaper) Give them the card on 2/14.
VALENTINE'S DAY IS FOR MEN also! Get 'em a new can of WD40...makes relationships move smoothly.... get them a new self-adjusting crescent wrench from Black & Decker showing that you can "adjust" to anything that comes in the relationship. Get 'em a tube of Loctite® to show 'em you're "committed" to the relationship. HAVE FUN it's a great day to appreciate the other person in your life! Fix a heart-shaped meatloaf!