Monday, February 9, 2009

Blasts from the Past

Recap of Weekend Entertainment Part I: Blasts from the Past

1. Family Movie Night

I'm always looking for movies for us to watch on Family Movie Night. We've exhausted most of the recent movies, so I've been digging back through the archives for movies that are fun to watch and "safe" for the family.

I dug waaaaaay back (1977) and found a Disney movie that I really liked when I was a kid: Candleshoe. I was surprised LW had never seen it before.

It's pretty weird seeing Jody Foster as a teenager, but it's a good fun movie. Both my wife and ES were laughing throughout the movie. It was a little over YB's head, but he sat through the whole movie (usually if he gets bored with a movie, he'll get up and go play in the play room). So if you're looking for a family movie night recommendation, add Candleshoe to your Blockbuster and/or Netflix queue.

2. Video Game Flashback

I was on the X-Box looking for the new maps to download for Halo 3, and I happened upon the download for R-Type. R-Type was one of my favorite video games back in the late 80's. I downloaded it, and sure enough the copyright date was 1987.

It's pretty cool though. They've spiffed it up. If you hit the Y button, it toggles between the old 1987 graphics and newer, cooler 3D graphics. The boys and I had some fun playing that on Saturday this weekend.

They gave it an "infinite" mode, too. It was a pretty challenging game to try and get as far as you could on just 3 lives. Now, you can put it on infinite mode and it just lets you keep playing, although each time you die you loose all your weapon power-ups.

More to follow on weekend entertainment, but figured I'd break it up into two posts.

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Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Yes - Candleshoe!!!! I love that movie...had it on a movie disc (seriously, that dates me...the video world before VHS for those of you too young to understand). Hadn't seen it in years until last fall when I ran across it one Saturday afternoon.