Sunday, April 20, 2008

Submarine Birthday Ball Pearl Harbor Info

I continue to get a stream of hits from people doing Google searches for every possible variation of "when / where / why / how is the submarine birthday ball pearl harbor hawaii," so I'm going to post this at the TOP of my blog for EVERYONE'S EASY REFERENCE until the ball is over and done with.

Update 04/18/2008:

NEED A DATE? There are listings on Craigslist both M4W and W4M.

NEED A TICKET? It's not too late! One of my JO's has a spare ticket for sale, and my Chop needs a date.

UNIFORMS: In addition to the general "submarine ball" google searches, as the submarine birthday balls occurred in other home ports last weekend, I got a LOT of hits from people doing searches for "placement of mini-medals on dress uniforms" and whatnot.

Update 4/19/08: The previous link I provided to the Navy Uniform Regs has been down all day, but it just so happens the Public Health Service uniforms use the same placement. If you go here, page 22 has the same drawing of the placement of the mini-medals as the Navy Uniform Regs. Quick and simple: On the Dinner Dress White jacket, the bottom row of mini-medals goes 3 inches below the notch of the lapel.

DRESSES: There are probably a few young ladies out there who have not been to a submarine ball before, because I've had quite a few hits of people googling, "appropriate attire / type of dress for submarine ball." Check my wife's post on that topic for more details.


What: Enlisted Submarine Birthday Ball
When: Friday, 18 April
Where: Hilton Hawaiian Village.
There are a few fund-raisers going on to defray the cost of tickets for E-5 and below. One of which is the selling of commemorative Sub Ball coins.

Click on image for larger view of fliers.

What: Officer Submarine Birthday Ball
When: Saturday, 19 April
Where: Turtle Bay Resort on the northern tip of the island. Note there's a golf tournament during the day of the ball. Spouses/significant others are invited and encouraged to attend.

Click on image for larger view of the flier.


blunoz said...

Officer Ball Meal Choices:

A.) New York Steak with Porcini Mushroom and Shallot Ragout

B.) Grilled Pacific Salmon with Wasabi Mashed Potatoes

C.) Roasted Asian Spiced Chicken with Molokai Sweet Potato Puree

D.) Vegetarian Pasta Primavera

blunoz said...

Officer Ball Ticket Prices:

O-3 and below $75/person
O-4 and above $80/person

blunoz said...

Turtle Bay is offering discounted room rates for $240 using the promo code "SUB BALL," OR if you want to make your reservation online, just choose the "military appreciation" rate and it comes up with the same price.

blunoz said...

Officer Ball UNIFORM:

Dinner Dress White Jacket. This is the same as dinner dress blue but with the white jacket and shoulder boards.

MINI medals. MINI warfare pins. NO nametags.

Note that dinner dress is an OPTIONAL uniform for O-3 and below. If you are O-3 or below and don't want to spend the money, then the alternative is to wear your chokers (service dress whites) with the mini medals and mini warfare pin.

SEE THE PICTURE I posted from our dining in on March 16th!

Click here for the Uniform Regs on placement of your mini-medals.

Note: If you're O-3 or below and you can afford to buy your dinner dress uniform, then I highly recommend it. I bought mine when I was a JO, and I've never regretted it. I've worn them at least twice per year for about the past 12 years (Navy birthday ball in the fall, Submarine birthday ball in the spring). I got married in them and attended several other functions in them. They look a lot better than the service dress bozo (service dress blue with the bow tie) or the chokers with the mini medals, and I think they're more comfortable, too. (I HATE those darn dress white shoes!)

K & S said...

thanks for visiting, Blunoz!

blunoz said...

Officer Ball Meal change:

They just took the chicken off the menu. If you chose the chicken, you need to tell whoever sold you your tickets what meal you would like instead.

blunoz said...

Does anyone need a ticket to the officer ball? One of my JO's significant others came up with a last minute schedule conflict and she can't come, so he is trying to sell his ticket. Drop me an email if you need a ticket.

blunoz said...

LW attended some navy spouse seminar and learned a few things about protocol, like what type of dress is appropriate for the ball. If you would like to check it out, click here.

blunoz said...

Need a date? I thought it was pretty funny there are listings on Craigslist looking for dates to the sub ball (both men for women and women for men). My chop needs a date...

blunoz said...

The fund raisers ended up paying for $36 of the E-5 and below tickets. On our boat, our Recreation Committee voted to pay the remainder of the cost ($19) for E-5 and below, so those guys from our boat essentially got to go for free - good deal!