Monday, April 12, 2010

Pentagon Gouge: New DoN Correspondence Manual

Heads-up for you staff officers, admin officers, and yeomen out there, the new Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual is out on the street.

You can download it from this website - 5216.5 about mid-way down the page.

Tangent: Rank Abbreviations

Ask any of the junior officers who have worked for me in my past few jobs, and you will find that one of my administrative pet peeves is incorrect rank abbreviations. Navy rank abbreviations are written in ALL CAPS with no punctuation.

For example:

Correct: LTJG
Incorrect: LTjg or LT(jg) or LT(JG)

Correct: LCDR
Incorrect: Lcdr

As a point of reference, you will find the DON Correspondence Manual, Appendix A "Military Models of Address" shows how to address letters to people of various ranks of all services, and shows the proper abbreviations for each rank.


Sagey said...

You have pet peeves, say it isn't so! :-)

Oz said...

I hate that too. Also appearing: "Lt. Cmdr."

FineNavyGray said...

The whole LTjg thing was news to me when I showed up at the boat. I had never seen it written that way before, and figured I had been jacking it up all along. Guess not.

Marinier said...

What about enclosures? Are we suppose to address them in the test or is leaving them in the enclure line enough?

impeachobamanow said...
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Tanya said...

Do you know that is something that irks the Type A-ness in me...and I'm just a mil spouse? Hahaha.

Thank you for the nomination! I had no idea where I was getting random comments from...until the last comment mentioned Hilary's site.

Hope all's well up there!

Mike said...

Thank you Sir. I am writing a novel and needed to know the proper way to abbreviate Lieutenant Junior Grade and you answered my question. LTJG.
Michael Matthews