Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Blossoms

I'm still catching up on my photos from spring break.  We drove most of the way back from Orlando on Saturday.  Easter Sunday morning we got up and finished the drive.  We encountered a bit of unexpected traffic and didn't get back into Loudoun County until about noon, so I was disappointed we missed church.

We arrived at home to find a simply stunning array of spring blossoms around our house that weren't there when we left on vacation, so I had to grab my camera.

You can see the trees were damaged by the weight of the snow back in February.

While the beauty of spring inspired me to get my camera, for some odd reason it inspired the boys' entrepreneurial spirit.

The lemonade stand didn't work out so well, and the boys wanted to go for a bike ride.  So we went for a ride around the neighborhood.

First the boys wanted to ride over to the Broadlands Shopping Center to see if the fountain was turned on yet.  (It was.)  They specifically wanted to make a wish and throw a coin in, and they brought their own coins.  They even brought an extra coin for me so I could make a wish, too.

Then we rode over to one of the nearby playgrounds where I got to exercise my arms a bit.

It was a very nice afternoon to unwind and enjoy spring before heading back to work and school the following day.


Cedar said...

How sweet that your sons brought an extra coin for you, that says a great deal about how your wife and you are raising them. I like stories like this.

Hilary said...

Wonderful shots one and all... love the boys on the swings. And like Cedar said, it's so touching that your boys thought of your wishing needs too. :)

Tanya said...

How sweet are your boys to bring an extra coin?!?! Awesome.

Celia said...

The trees in your yard look so great! (Beautiful photos of the flowers, too.)