Thursday, April 22, 2010

Contest Time! Free Flag!

The first Navy jack was adopted in 1775 by the continental navy.  For a while, it was flown by the oldest ship in commissioned service.  Since 2001, it has been flown by all ships of the U.S. Navy during the Global War on Terrorism.  For a more detailed history of the First Navy Jack, check out this website or the wikipedia page. 

The nice people at US Flags offered to give me a flag if I would put a link to their website on my blog.  While I am thankful for their generous offer, I'm all set on flags.  I have more flags than I have places to fly them.

Instead of taking the free flag for myself, I decided to offer it up as a contest here.  I propose to give away a First Navy Jack, but the folks at US Flags said the winner of the contest may choose any military or US flag.  US Flags will ship the flag directly to the winner, so that eliminates some hassle and you don't have to give me your address. 

To enter the contest:
  • Leave a comment to this post and write something about what the flag means to you or why the flag is important to you (whichever flag you choose to have from US Flags) or share a personal story about when seeing a flag has moved you.
  • Don't worry, the entries will not be judged for content.  I will use a random-name-picker tool to select the winner.  
  • When you submit your entry, you will need to provide me some way of contacting you.  If your blogger ID is linked to a page with an email address, then you're good-to-go.  If not (those with anonymous / pseudonym IDs with no email address), then please email me your name and email address BEFORE the winner is picked at random. 
  • I will run the random-name-picker to select a winner on Friday, 30 April, announce the results here on my blog and email the winner.


    Hilary said...

    What, no maple leaf? ;)

    Tabor said...

    Like you I don't need another flag, but thanks for the opportunity and I look forward to reading others comments.

    Mr. Hoyer said...

    As a former Submarine Quatermaster, I was the keeper of the flags for every command I was at. There is a lot of silliness that occurs in most every sea command, but the use and care of every flag was one area I took seiously. I made sure every new watchstander knew how to raise it properly and what colors really meant.

    darius_kevin_22 said...

    I don't know about others but every time I see Old Glory it reminds me of how lucky I am to be an American. To know that that flag has been there trough out our history and all those that have given the ultimate sacrafice to ensure that we can still live our lives freely under it today. There are so many that gave so much and aren't able to stand at attention and salute our long history of bravery. It is for that reason that when I hear first call for colors I don't go scampering off for the nearest cover to avoid being stuck for a few minutes, but instead stand proudly and give the respect that not only Old Glory deserves, but also to those that came before me that gave me the option to serve or not to.

    Ret ANAV said...

    Mr. Hoyer...
    Right there with you as the Keeper of the Flags and being a walking, talking NTP-13 :)

    Never really took the Flag for granted, but the true meaning got hammered home on 9/11 when they started popping up on everyone's front porch (mine included) and flew from cars, trucks and anywhere else you could fly one from. Then came "W" visiting the fireman at Ground Zero, watching them give him a flag they found and the crowd shouting "USA...USA...USA". Never will forget that.

    divrchk said...

    I love all the flags waved on the pier at a homecoming. Our flagpole is naked right now... a sad site indeed.

    blunoz said...

    Sorry I'm late folks. I ran the random-name-picker tool, and it picked Darius_Kevin_22. Congratulations!

    Unfortunately, Darius_Kevin_22 did not provide me with an email address or any way to contact him. Please sent me an email with your contact info and I will forward it to the USFlags folks to send you your free flag.