Monday, August 9, 2010

Pentagon Gouge: Photo Studio

First, quick advice for other navy officers in the audience:  Do you have a service record photo in your current paygrade?  Just in case that isn't clear:  If you're a LCDR, then you should have an official photo in your service record of you wearing gold oak leaves on your collar.  If not, get it done now so it isn't a crisis before your next promotion or screening board. 

For anyone in the DC area who needs a service record photo or portrait, the OPNAV staff has a photo studio down in the RSAC on the first floor of the Pentagon.  I had no problem making an appointment.  They had plenty of open slots on their calendar and were happy to accommodate whenever I wanted to come in.  I went and had a portrait taken and was very pleased with their professionalism. 

As recommended on the PERS-42 website, they took photos of me in summer whites with my cover on and off and in my service dress blues with my cover on and off.  They emailed me the photos a few days after they were taken. 

Here's the flier the photo studio emailed out to all the OPNAV staff with the hours and contact information for the photo studio:

(click on image to enlarge)

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