Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friendly Reminder - Uniform Shop

Last night, we were enjoying a wonderful dinner with a few friends over when there was a knock at the door. We looked up from the dinner table to see my next door neighbor, who is also in the Navy, standing at the door in his half-assembled dinner-dress blues (fancy black-tie tuxedo type of uniform). He was going to the Navy Marine Corps Relief Society ball last night, and came up missing a piece of his dress uniform, so he came to borrow from my uniform supplies.

It's good to have neighbors in the same military service as you.

Yes, yes, it gave me flashbacks to my OWN uniform mess ups and borrowing items from MY neighbors in the past.

So, I mention this as a friendly reminder to those of you looking forward to something like... ohhh... say the Submarine Birthday Ball on April 11th. That's only two weeks away! Save yourself some stress later by inventorying your uniform pieces and parts now and trying them on to make sure they fit if it's been a while.

You've been warned! :-)

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