Thursday, March 12, 2009

I feel old

Episode 1:

Watching my boys pulling the vitamins out of the bottle of Flintstones and asking, "Who is this one Mommy?" My boys don't know who the characters are in the Flintstones???

Episode 2:

We have an old FM radio in our office to provide some background noise. Today I was walking through the office and heard "Stand" by R.E.M. on the radio. It'd been a while since I had heard the song, and I started enthusiastically singing along. When it dawned on me that I was the only one in the office singing along with the radio, a sudden horrible thought occurred to me. I have a young lieutenant who works for me (he's been in the Navy a little over 2 years, so he's probably about 23 years old, so he was probably born about 1985).

I turned and asked him, "Do you know who sang this song?"

LTJG: "Uhhhh... wasn't this like some one-hit-wonder band?"







for cryin' out loud!

Pfft! One hit wonder...

Losing My Religion?

I am Superman?


Then again... I was just browsing the REM videos on YouTube. Between the fact that there is an REM performance on the Johnny Carson show and seeing the clothes people in the audience were wearing in some of the other videos, it quickly became apparent that this is probably just a generational difference and I shouldn't hold it against my young lieutenant.


Caffienated Cowgirl said...


We have the same issue with Flintstones vitamins...complete with the final question of 'Yes, but who are the Flintstones?'

As for the is a generational thing...and yes, we are getting old. My niece told my mom a while back that she was listening to an old retro band...Duran Duran! My mom said, 'Oh, you should talk to your aunt about them...they were her favorite.' To which she replied, 'Wow, that was a long time ago.'

Jeff Putnam said...

Now face west, my friend. Now face west.

J120 Bowman said...

My only question...

What is an LT with two years in the Navy doing at a desk? Why isn't he or she at sea!!!!

Oz said...

I'm 26. Feel free to hammer him.

Of course, my favorite band is Steely Dan, so take that for what it's worth.

Anonymous said...

LOVE REM! Listen to them all the time. I remember plenty of music from years before I was around and when I was a kid. Shame.

C said...

Being 23 is no excuse for not recognizing REM. I've only got three years on him, but I am very familiar with their songs.

Speaking of feeling old, have you seen what they show on Nick at Nite now?

blunoz said...

J120 - He's a 1630 (intel officer) LTJG. He just finished his first sea tour on a CVN, and now he get's to work for me and learn about things inside the beltway.

Chap said...

Same thing happened on the *other* end back in the day. I was playing REM in the wardroom, the CO asked who it was, and then asked if that was a new band....