Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ahhh, a taste of Spring

Sorry the blogging has been light. In previous weekends, I have done a good amount of setting up my blog posts for the week and prescheduling them for posting one per day through the course of the week. The past couple of weekends we've been a little busy though.

No, no, no, not just playing Castle Crashers (although that contributed).
Aside: A few funny little tidbits about Castle Crashers:
- I love the opening sequence where it shows the knights partying in the castle. Perhaps because it reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
- If you play multi-player and one of the players loses all his health, he lays motionless on the ground with a beating heart symbol over his body. One of the other players can go over and push the Y button repeatedly to give him CPR and resuscitate him so he can keep fighting. You don't "lose" the game until such time as ALL of the players are laying on the ground with nobody left to give anybody else CPR.
- At the end of various levels, you have to beat these boss characters to rescue one of several princesses that were kidnapped at the beginning of the story. After you defeat the boss, if you are playing multi-player, then it launches a new stage of the game. Instead of cooperating with the other players, you now have to compete with the other players in a battle for the princess. Last man standing gets to kiss the princess. :-)
Last weekend we worked on both the boys' bathroom and the guest bathroom. My wife and I painted the bathrooms, and I replaced the light fixtures in both bathrooms (two above the boys' sinks, one above the guest bathroom sink). Behold the finished product...

Guest Bathroom
(My wife chose the paint color to match the shower curtain.)

This weekend was an absolutely beautiful weekend in Northern Virginia. It was like 70 yesterday and like 75 today. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right.

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to an open house to welcome our friend Liz back from her mission trip to Ethiopia. She brought some AWESOME coffee beans back with her, too. :-9

YB was looking pretty stylin' wearing his boots with his shorts, so we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and went to the outlet mall in Leesburg to shop for some spring shoes for the boys.

...Yyyyyeah, we and a few other BAJILLION people thought going to the outlets was a good idea on Saturday. Can you say CROWDED? Anyway, the mission was a success. We picked up YB some new sneakers that look surprisingly familiar...

Sorry, I should have taken a better picture of the shoes. The firetrucks on the side of his new sneakers are the EXACT same light-up firetrucks that are on the side of his boots.

Making pizza for family movie night.

Saturday night we had pizza and family movie night for the second week in a row. Last week we actually MADE the pizza ourselves and it turned out pretty good. The movie last week was Dudley Do Right, and this weekend's feature was Madagascar 2.

My wife insists we had seen Dudley Do Right before. I most definitely had NOT seen the first half to two thirds of it, but I did recognize the ending. Not sure what happened there. Usually when that happens, it's because they were playing the movie on crew's mess on the boat and I happened to be walking through and just catch 10 minutes or so. It wasn't a great movie, but it was pretty silly and good for a few laughs with the kids.

I was a little worried that Madagascar 2 might be one of those movies where they gave away all the funny parts in the previews, but that was nowhere near the case. It was a good flick.

Today after church, we went to have lunch at the new Johnny Rockets that just opened in Brambleton. It was... meh... good food but very slow service and very noisy. Oh, and yes, that is a Johnny Rocket's hat on YB's head in the picture above. :-)

After lunch we went for a geocache walk to find a new kids' cache that was recently hidden.

My family wasn't very cooperative with my traditional Blunoz self-portrait.

I've been making a conscious effort to set my computer aside and spend time with my boys when they ask to do something with me, and for some reason they wanted to play Stratego this weekend. We played about 4 games over the course of the weekend - each time with YB trying to find some way to spy for ES and pass him information about where my pieces were. He seems to think as long as he whispers, then it's okay - I won't hear him.

Even so, ES isn't exactly stealthy and doesn't have any sort of a poker face. He doesn't yet understand the fact that the game is about deceiving and confusing your opponent and NOT letting them figure out which piece is which on your side of the board. So when he moves a knight, he sort of whispers a "nnnneeeeeigh!" and when he moves a beast he makes a sort of growling, grumbling noise.

Anyway, that was our past couple of weekends in a nutshell. I had one other thing I wanted to write about, but (a) it's late and I need to hit the rack, and (b) this post is long enough, so I'll save it for tomorrow.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Hilary said...

That's a lot of stuff packed into one weekend. Busy but fun. Your kidlet cracks me up. :)

Connie said...

Castle Crashers sounds like something my 8yo would enjoy... altho we have PS and wii not an xbox. We just saw Madagascar 2 this weekend too - it was great!