Sunday, March 29, 2009

NoVA custom woodworking

For those of you in the Northern Virginia / DC area, I'd just like to plant a seed in the back of your brain for future reference. A friend of mine from church does some awesome woodworking. He's a great guy and does beautiful work (see sample pictures on his website). With the way the economy has been going, I figured it couldn't hurt for me to put a plug for him on my blog.

From his website...
As the housing market slows and property values drop, now is a great time to add value to your home without the cost or hassle of additions, decks or pools. Custom built-in furniture is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the value of your home, without having to take out a loan or go in to debt. It is also a way to increase storage space without cluttering the room.

Kaleo Custom Woodworking is a small, family owned business that offers personal service. This not only enables us to keep our prices low, but also lets you work directly with owner/craftsman through the entire process.

If you're ever looking for some custom woodworking to put in some shelves or cabinets or a media center in your house, then please check out KALEO custom woodworking.


Kat said...

Your friend does do some gorgeous woodworking. Makes me wish we were stationed there so we could send some business his way.

Will bookmark his website because you never know with the Navy where you could end up.

JoLee said...

...and YOU are wondering why ES is picking up on marketing... me thinks that his father knows marketing also! How wonderful of you to plug your friend. Tell him that if he wants a FREE B&B in the NW we would work out a deal trading carpentry for B&B... but then what would he use for tools. Oh well, the thought is there!