Monday, March 9, 2009

The latest government effort to create jobs

There's been an alarming growth of nefarious activity around our family.

5 year old YB has discovered he very much likes to skip everywhere. Of course, part of his enjoyment in skipping everywhere is that it annoys his 7 year old brother ES to no end. Much to ES's consternation, his father has begun skipping around with YB - both because of the fun and laughter that ensues with YB and because of the frustration it induces in ES. No sooner do we start skipping across a parking lot from the car into a store then ES will chase after us telling us "NO SKIPPING ALLOWED!"

I'm sure I've mentioned in a previous blog post that we have to keep things like scotch tape and scissors hidden in our house, because otherwise we end up with tape EVERYWHERE stuck to EVERYTHING around our house, along with little bits of cut up paper if the scissors were left out, too. Thank goodness we own stock in 3M.

ES has started posting "No Skipping Zone" signs around our house like this:

I don't really want to get into a big political debate here, but apparently there's a new government agency we have to contend with... I give you... The Federal Bureau of Investigation Skipping:

This video was taken at the end of our geocaching hike yesterday. I figured ES was going to do his typical "Stop that! Stop that! No Skipping Allowed!" routine, so I started the video recording on the camera.

I just wasn't expecting the feds to take us down. ;-)


Hilary said...

Your kids are delicious and your enjoyment of them is heartwarming. Too sweet. :)

Jon said...

I love that YB loves to skip, and I love that you skip with him. The day will come when they won't DREAM of skipping, much less hand-in-hand with Dad. Even the FBS agent is cute.