Monday, October 13, 2008


After dinner, the boys were running around screaming like banshees and carrying on. For some reason, they adopted "Tabasco" as some sort of a battle cry and were running around the house screaming "Tabasco! Tabasco!"

I was washing the frying pan and casserole dish in the sink and not paying too much attention. It got quiet for a moment, then suddenly they came bursting through the back door into the kitchen and started attacking me while I was standing there at the kitchen sink. ES repeatedly stabbed me in the back with the blunt handle of a plastic comb.

My wife looked at the boys and said, "Did you two just run around the outside of the house in your socks?"

ES looked at her quizzically, like why on EARTH would she ask such a silly question.

"No," he said matter-of-factly, "we walked."

My Shoeless Tabasco Ninja

After I finished cleaned up from dinner (my wife made those awesome chicken enchiladas from Becky's recipe :-9), the boys and I went for a walk to find a nearby geocache.

I think I've mentioned before, but I'll say it again, I love Ashburn and the network of paved walking / jogging trails through the open space areas. This is the perfect time of year, too. There's a very slight chill in the air, but it's not really cold, and the trees are all different shades of green, orange, yellow, and red.

Autumn in Ashburn

Oh, yesterday we went to the outlets in Leesburg and got shoes for the boys. Tonight for our geocaching trek, YB was particularly excited to try out his new shoes.

YB's new fire-truck shoes

One of the fire trucks even lights up! (They gave us 20% off on the shoes since the other one didn't light up and they didn't have another pair in his size - cha-ching!)

We got a lot of stuff done around the house this weekend - unpacking boxes, hanging curtains, hanging pictures, installing motion sensor lights, etc, etc.

I hope you all had a good 3-day weekend, too. Happy Birthday Navy! :-)


Anonymous said...

I love it...what funny little warriors you have!

What's this recipe you speak of? Ya know, for when this marathon and 50k are over and I actually garner an attempt at COOKING for my family again!

Hilary said...

"No, we walked" ??? That's just priceless. :)

JoLee said...

Why a 3-day weekend¿.. out here on the left coast ~ Columbus didn't discover America..... we already had an entire area full of Native Americans and they think they "discovered" America..... oh, but wait, before them there were the Asian mongol tribesmen who came over the land bridge during the ice ages from Russia....and they think THEY discovered America... or whatever it was called then.... now why would we get a 3 day weekend¿

Sagey said...

JoLee, what is even worse is that ES does not have Veterans' Day off! Two days off for the election because they have to close the schools since they are the polling places.