Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Address Book Reset

OH how I love my dependence on Microsoft products.

My Microsoft Outlook ate itself.

Spontaneously combusted.


No worky.

I went to the Microsoft support website and followed the instructions how to clear the problem. Great, Outlook starts now.

...but it's starting from scratch.

No old emails.

No address book.


Aaaaaand... it won't talk to gmail anymore. I checked and double-checked the settings, and it refused to connect to my gmail account.

Since I've been using Firefox for a while and prefer it over Microsoft's Internet Explorer, I decided to give Mozilla's Thunderbird a try. We'll see how it goes...


Ruth Burkett said...

ARGHHHH! That's horrendous! Think I'll go back-up my AddressBook (Mac) on MobileMe. Now there's one thing nice about the iPhone being in sync with 'puter. odds on both crashing at the same time are probably pretty low.

Hilary said...

Sorry for your computer woes. I think I'll go hug my Mac now...

C said...

I always hated Outlook. I stick to Firefox and Gmail.

reddog said...

Listen to the nice ladies. Buy a Mac. I have used PCs at work and hate them. A couple years ago, when I started my internet explorations, I got a castoff G3 for free. After that, another person gave me a G4 tower and a huge, nearly new but obsolete, SONY CRT display. Both worked flawlessly but had little processing power and got easily overwhelmed.

I bought the most basic G5 tower about a year ago, used, for a few hundred bucks. I loaded up the 1.6 ghz processor with the max 4 gigs of ram and it's a speed demon. Never slows down, never crashes. The Apple software works as advertised.

When Snow Leopard comes out, in a year or two, I'll probably look around for an Intel Mac but I don't really need it.

Dani said...

I second (or really fourth) the Mac ... I only deal with Windows at work (and we know how well Navy networks work).

I'm well aware of the fact that bubbleheads don't have internet (or for that matter just regular e-mail sometimes) while underway ... I'm married to one. He gets very jealous of our internet and POTs lines, but then I get jealous of his current watch rotation during his port calls where they only require two officers while I'm in three sections with the rest of my ship. Oh well, you win some you lose some.

JoLee said...

yo, K.....come over to the 'light side' - get a mac with the duo processor! You won't have those woes! Now if I could only convince your Father!! I think he just LIKES rebuilding his computer from scratch every 6 months & having had to send it back twice to mfg. to have its guts completely re-aligned! ;)