Sunday, October 12, 2008

Backtracking and fulfilling promises

Okay, I promised you the video of YB doing is Elvis Dance at Dave's wedding. Here it is:

Then, I told you about how much fun I had riding the dinocoaster at Legoland three times in a row.

Dontchya like how the lady walks right in front of the camera, then notices my wife with the camera in her hand and STOPS right SMACK in the middle of the field of view?

Then, I told you the video of my wife rolling down the grassy knoll with the boys at our rest stop in Alamosa, Colorado was better than the still photo. Here's that video...

Then, I promised you videos of the Great Wolf Lodge. For those of you just passing by, if you want a sample of what the Great Wolf Lodge was like, then check this out:

For the sake of anyone doing Google searches for the Great Wolf Lodge, I went back and embedded a few of the videos in that blog post. For grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends who want to see ALL the videos from the lazy river and the water slides, go to my YouTube channel and you can watch all the videos.

I think I'm all caught up on uploading videos to YouTube now.


David'Z RantZ said...

If Elvis was the King, I guess YB must be the Prince!

Too bad... when he ran from the camera and toward that corner, I expected him to go through an "Exit" door... which of course, would've prompted the comment, "Elvis has left the building!"

JoLee said...

do you know how many hits you're going to get from the "grassy knoll" comment! You and Zapruder!!
Wonderful videos..gee, I wonder where they learned that hill rolling stunt :)

pdxboxer said...

The entire family being there was such a treat -- those are special moments that are too few and far between as those boys grow up to be men. To that point, however I can influence who they are, what they love and how they dance, is an honor. I am thrilled you all shared that experience of driving cross country. They'll remember that the rest of their lives.