Sunday, October 5, 2008

Customer Service Ups and Downs

Two shout outs for customer service this week:

First, there was Verizon.

We were supposed to have our home telephone service set up on Oct 1st. Well... Oct 1st came and went and we had no telephone service. My wife called them on Friday to ask what the heck. The customer service rep on the phone said that our service was scheduled to be connected on Oct 1st 2009. LW was understandably exasperated and said, "Uh, NO it wasn't." The guy on the phone got all snooty and rude with her and said, "Well do you want me to help you or not lady?" Nice. So we had to place a new work order to get it hooked up on Monday. Go suck an egg, Verizon!

On the other hand, there was Dell.

The backspace key on my keyboard stopped working. I went to the Dell support website and entered a live chat session with Dell technical support. They walked me through popping off the backspace key and reseating it to see if it would work. It didn't take long at all, and when it didn't work, the rep wrote, "Okay, I'm going to send you a new keyboard." That was Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday about lunchtime, I had a package on my front porch with a new keyboard and easy to follow instructions on how to replace it. AWESOME! I installed it and it worked like a champ. A real live human being called me the next day to make sure I received the keyboard and was able to install it okay and ask if I needed any help.

Two thumbs up for Dell customer service!

My only gripe about Dell (and a very minor gripe at that) is that I received two automated computer phone calls advising me on the shipping status of my repair part... AFTER I had already received the part. You'd think maybe if the DHL tracking service showed the part was already delivered then you wouldn't need to call the customer and tell them their repair part shipped.

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Caffienated Cowgirl said...

2009? Seriously? And the guy couldn't understand the frustration that LW was feeling? Was he a complete moron?