Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ahhh, Oregon!

We arrived safe and sound in Oregon last night. The boys were great on the flight.

The plane was probably the most poorly maintained commercial airliner I've ever been on. I sure hope they put more effort into the maintenance on the vital systems like the engines and safety systems than they did on the creature comforts.

The in flight movie was "Meet Dave", which looked and sounded like a pretty funny movie... when we could see or hear it. The video and audio signals periodically shut off at random intervals. At any given point in time, we could either see or hear the movie, but rarely could we do both at the same time. It also blacked out three times and took a few minutes for them to restart it. It also skipped forward and backward in the movie a couple of times. We got to see the ending twice.

Even so, I still thought it was a pretty funny movie, and I was surprised when I went to IMDB to see it had such a low rating. I think "Welcome to Old Navy" is going to be a popular one-liner that will work it's way into everyone's vocabulary. (Old Navy sure got their money's worth on THAT investment!)


Speaking of Effective Advertising: This one floored me. We're sitting there in the Honolulu Airport waiting for our plane to board. We're watching the planes taxi back and forth outside the window. All of a sudden, ES says, "DELTA! Mommy, that's the kind of plane that Woody and Buzz were going to fly to Japan on in Toy Story 2!"

I had to pick my jaw up off my lap.

Why on earth would he remember THAT particular detail of the movie?

End of Tangent

Okay, so, here are my initial impressions of being back in Oregon...
- It always amazes me how crystal clear, fresh, and clean the tap water is here... and absolutely frigid Arctic polar bear BUTT COLD. Sorry, maybe that was the wrong image to put in your head. It's like there's a pipe from the North Pole to our faucets in the house here.

- It's very weird laying in bed with your wife in the same room you lived in as a teenager. It's a very different room now - a very nicely decorated guest room. Even so, when I lay down and close my eyes, I think my depeche mode and new order posters are still on the wall and it seems like I'm doing something bad being in bed with a GIRL.

- It's weird seeing so many Oregon license plates. ...I know, I know... DUH! It's just that normally we're the only weirdos driving around with the trees on our license plates.

- I've never seen so many Obama bumper stickers on the same street... and not a single McCain sticker. This doesn't come as a surprise mind you, but still, it's an unusual exeperience.

- Now THAT's a recycling bin!

Recycling, Yard Waste, and Trash
Note the recycling bin is like twice as big as the trash bin.

- My wife is happy...

She's addicted to Target.
That was first on her agenda for today.

- The boys are happy...

They've been attached-at-Grandpa's-hip since our arrival and thoroughly wearing him out.

- I'm happy...

- Did I mention it feels like we've packed for an Arctic Expedition?

This was just our checked baggage.

- All during the flight, I was looking forward to having Burgerville for dinner, but they CLOSED before we got there last night. The nerve! We made it for lunch today though.

One of their advertising slogans used to be, "Burgerville: INconveniently located for most of the United States."


C said...

I haven't been to a Burgerville in ages. :) Welcome back to the mainland (and PNW!)

JoLee said...

You can be in THAT room with your wife at any time!
Tap water now is quite a bit warmer than in the middle of winter.
YES, recycling here is big - but your step-brothers Jon & Dave take it to new heights... they save what the curb-side recycling won't and personally drive it to places that will.
Grandpa misses the boys! With Jon & Dan & Grandpa around - Grandma don't count for squat!
Yes, I bought the Henry's for you!
I can always buy burgers from Burgerville, freeze & ship them!