Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

I took the boys by the package store to pick up some sprite and orange soda and other stuff, and I happened upon this...

Now, I need to take a step back and explain that I LOVE Henry Weinhard's beer. Living on the west coast, I could always find Henry Weinhard's at the local grocery store, and it was a staple in my fridge. When the Navy transfered me to the east coast, I suffered from withdrawal for a time, but eventually learned to make my way through life without Henry's. I've always missed it though, and I've always been excited to have some whenever I go back to visit family on the west coast.

So to find ANYTHING with "Henry Weinhard's" on the label in the package store immediately caught my attention and gave me a spark of hope. I swung my cart around and headed for the beer aisle to see if they had any of the real stuff, but alas... they did not.

Even though it was just root beer, I still had to buy some, and I will say it was pretty darn good root beer.

There's a glimmer of hope at the end of this tale though. I went to the Henry Weinhard's website to get a link for my blog here, and they had a list of their distributors... One of which is right here in Waipahu!!! So there MUST be REAL Henry Weinhard's somewhere close by on the island. I've just gotta call that distributor tomorrow and find out what stores keep it in stock.

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