Monday, March 10, 2008

New Rims

Mommy's new glasses

LW just picked up her new glasses on Friday afternoon. She says she feels old. I think they look really nice on her (she won't let me take a picture).
(This is LW, here is one I took with the webcam this evening. He took like 5 of me yesterday but forgot to put the SD card back in the camera, not my fault!)

We were sitting in the family room watching Shrek the Third for family movie night on Friday. YB came over and climbed up on my lap. He looked across the room at LW and said, "Mommy, why are you wearing your sunglasses?" I explained to him that they weren't sunglasses, they were just Mommy's new glasses to help her see.

YB: [Blank stare] Huh?

Me: They're just like the glasses Daddy used to wear.

YB: [Blank stare] Huh?

Me: Don't you remember when Daddy used to wear glasses? [before laser surgery]

YB: [shakes head no]

Me: [A few points and clicks of the mouse on the laptop next to my chair to show him a picture of Daddy wearing glasses back in Virginia.] See, there's Daddy with glasses. Don't you remember when Daddy used to wear glasses?

YB: [Giggles and shakes head no]
Has it really been that long ago since my laser eye surgery??? May of 2005???

Yes, son, Daddy used to wear glasses...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Daddy's new ride

Given our past couple of experiences with slow-poke YB trying to go for a bike ride with ES and me, I thought it would be a great idea to get one of these Co-Pilot things and YB could just ride along with me. As it turns out, it's a little bit too big for YB. He can't reach the pedals, and he's a little scared / weirded-out by it. That's okay, he'll grow into it eventually.

ES on the other hand absolutely LOVES it! Every day I come home, he runs up to me with that I-want-something-don't-I-look-lovable-and-adorable look of his and tells me he wants to go for a bike ride with me. He freaked out a little bit by the bike banking into the turn the first time we went at a good pace around a corner, but he's getting used to it now. We started out just riding around the neighborhood to get used to it. We've been going out on the bike path and steadily increasing our mileage. First we did 2 miles to Best Buy and back. Then we did 5 miles to Pearl City and back. Today we did 6 miles out to where you could see the mothball fleet in Middle Loch. It's been a great workout for me, because I can ride at MY pace AND with the added weight of pulling ES behind me. He can pedal and help, but most of the time, I can hear the rapid-clicking from his pedals sitting idle. That's okay though, because he's having fun, we're having time together, and I'm getting good exercise out of it.

K's new ride

Update on the "trusty steed" jogging stroller / bike trailer I sold to the Eng: The Eng's daughter, K, is absolutely obsessed with it. After he bought it, he took it home and took K for a test ride in it and she LOVED it!!! She got really upset when he took her back home. That night she kept going back out to the garage and sitting in it she just thought it was SO cool.

You need to understand that Eng was taking her RUNNING with him. They would go for like a 2 mile run and she would make it about a mile and a half before he would have to pick her up and let her ride on his shoulders. Eng's wife said K didn't really LIKE running, but she did it anyway because it was time with her Daddy. So that being said, you can imagine how this new red chariot thing is just downright AWESOME in K's little mind, because now she can still have the quality time with her Daddy, but not do any work. :-).

Pokey face

In a new derivation of YB's pokey hair phrase, he declared I had "pokey face" Friday night. Because of the change in our shiftwork schedule, it had been a while since I shaved. He was sitting on my lap while we watched the movie and he kept patting my cheeks, smiling, and saying, "Daddy has pokey face."


Sagey said...

Excuse me! You took about 5 pictures of me, it isn't my fault you forgot to put the SD card in the camera! But I will hack into your account and put the crappy one that I took with the webcam for you.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

You're cracking me up, Sagey...but seriously, the new rims look fab darling :)

And Blunoz, I am laughing about YS's response to you wearing glasses. H.E. stopped wearing glasses after I had Little Man. Now when Little Man looks at pics of his daddy holding him as a baby he always asks why daddy is wearing glasses.

blunoz said...

Okay, so the first couple of pictures I took WOULD have been GREAT because I caught LW by surprise. Then I realized I didn't have the stupid memory card in the camera. After I replaced the memory card and took a couple of pictures of LW, she was extremely annoyed with me and didn't want me taking her picture when she felt like she had the end-of-the-day-putting-up-with-crazy-kids frazzled look. So I didn't post those pictures. I was trying to convince her to let me take another picture of her the next day, but she said no because she was having a "bad hair day." I didn't think everyone would care for all those details, so I just simplified it to, "LW wouldn't let me take her picture." :-)

Sagey said...

So basically you lied to everyone... you could have just said you didn't have an acceptable picture to post. Ha ha! :-) Your LW sounds like an EVIL woman. :-)