Monday, September 1, 2008

Twice in One Weekend

I really love weekends.

Especially holiday weekends.

Even more so when I wake up to the sound of Star Wars laser blasters at 6:45.

(Just a wee bit of sarcasm there.)

My wife and I always dread the morning after we've had some reason to keep the boys up late. It doesn't matter what time we put them to bed at night, they always wake up before 7 a.m. If they were up late the night before, then that equates to tired and cranky boys crying and whining and fighting in the morning.

Friday night, my CO and his wife took us out for a very nice dinner at Orchid's to celebrate the end of decom. That was the fanciest restaurant we've been to on the island. I actually had to dig khaki pants and closed toed shoes out of my closet. I don't think I've worn pants since we moved to Hawaii, with the exception of my uniform at work. Even then, I normally wear shorts and a t-shirt in to work and then change into my uniform at work, so I'm never NOT in shorts outside of work. Anyway, Orchid's was truly extraordinary. We really enjoyed both the food and the good company. (Thanks W & L!)

LW and me outside Orchid's

The four of us enjoying Mai Tais at Orchid's.
(No, I'm not really THAT pasty white, I think it just
looks that way because of the white wall behind me).

While we were off at dinner, we left the boys with their best friends J & M across the street. We got back home around 9:30 and they were still up watching movies. By the time we got the boys to bed it was around 10 p.m. Saturday morning was a lovely cacophony of whining and fighting and general crankiness. I had both boys in time-outs for fighting by 8 a.m.

My former XO and Weps from my previous boat are both stationed here in Hawaii now, too. Last night we all got together for a barbecue to say farewell to LW and me as we head off to DC. They all live right here in the same housing area we do, so we went over to their house and took the kids with us. Once again, great food and good company, but we didn't put the boys to bed until like 9:30 again.

Alright, I need to go. We just had a fight over Lego Star Wars and the X-Box that ended in ES stomping upstairs screaming "I HATE YOU!" and slamming his door. Besides waking up to the sound of Star Wars laser blasters, there's nothing like a temper tantrum before 8 a.m. to really make my morning.

I need coffee.

...and maybe some ear plugs.

...or some duct tape.


Anonymous said...

I got the "I don't love you!" this weekend. *sigh* Sometimes parenthood has its moments.

Hope the coffee did the trick!

Great pics! I'll have to mention Orchid's to my friend over there. They'd like it I'm sure. Best of luck with the move!

(don't you know it's called a "reflective" shade of white?! ;))

DukeRulZ said...

Its good to know I don't have the only kids in America that wake up screaming at each other.

I have tried to explain to my 8 year old that yelling at me is not an acceptable form of communication but she hasn't caught on yet.

One Crazy Adventure said...

We also have kids that wake at the crack of dawn no matter what time they go to bed. We have told our each other several times that they are not allowed to go to bed late again...