Friday, September 19, 2008

Travel Log: Grapevine

Okay, okay, I'm SORRY I didn't write a blog post last night! Sheesh! I didn't think anybody would mind if I skipped a day, but I guess not. :-) (I got a couple of emails and a voice mail message about the fact that I didn't post anything last night).

I didn't have much to write about yesterday, so I figured I could wait until today when I would have more to say. Yesterday consisted of us driving from Bakersfield, CA, to Oceanside, CA. I expected it to be a long, agonizing day. We've NEVER before had a GOOD drive through LA. There's ALWAYS traffic.

By some strange miracle, we FLEW through LA yesterday. I used this website to check the traffic and see what the best path through LA would be. I kept the cruise control on almost the entire way. I only had to tap on the brakes twice for some congestion. We had to make a trip to Target to restock LW's supply of books because she reads them faster than a fish drinks water, so we didn't leave Bakersfield until almost 11 a.m.. We got off the freeway in Oceanside at 3:30 p.m.! (And that INCLUDED our stop for lunch!)

Speaking of our stop for lunch, we put another check-in-the-block for our SoCal favorites yesterday as we headed down the Grapevine into LA.

Ahhh, Rubios!

Mmmm, FISH TACO!!!

We arrived in Oceanside with enough time to go to the ITT at Camp Pendleton to buy our Legoland tickets, get checked into our hotel and rest for a bit, and then head down to meet my Mom and Grandpa at P.F. Chang's for dinner.

Oh, and then when we got back to the hotel and got the boys to bed, LW discovered the season finale of The Closer was on TV, and we didn't have a DVR to push "pause" so we watched it together and went to sleep.

Statistic for Yesterday:

66.3 AVERAGE number of miles per hour from the time we left Bakersfield until we arrived in Oceanside (based on my GPS).

That was it for yesterday.

Now on to document today's adventures... (Going to start a new blog post just to break things up and keep the posts from getting too long).


Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Man, you made good time to Oceanside.

Can't wait to hear about Legoland...I am wondering how different it is to the one here.

One Crazy Adventure said...

Ahhh, man... I miss Rubio's.

Glad you all have been having such a great time on your cross country trip.

Anonymous said...

:( I am sorry I didn't get to see you all. I had been looking forward to it for a month. My strep was joined by another friend called Staph. I am now Anthrax proof.
See you all in November. I will carry my own Cipro