Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome Home Steve!

My very close personal friend Steve just returned home from 380 days in Iraq.

Basically, this past year that I've been living in Hawaii, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking, visiting Maui, visiting the Big Island, complaining about Hawaii drivers, complaining about having to wear PANTS to dinner (instead of shorts), and complaining about my detailer, Steve's been "over there" doing important work helping the Iraqi people rebuild their country.

Steve in Training

Steve in Diyala, Iraq

Steve understandably didn't have a lot of time to write on his travel blog while he was gone. For a good taste of Steve's awesome sense of humor, read this post (Nov 18, 2007) about his trip to Al Asad. His best post that sorta summed up what he did over there was this one (Jan 8, 2008) about his trip to Diyala, helping to build new forward operating bases near hotbeds of insurgent activity.

Steve under the crossed swords

Welcome Home Steve!!!

I think Kim's smile is precious. Can you tell the boys were excited to see him? God bless you guys, and thank you for the many sacrifices (and tropical storms) you have endured since Steve left.

Also, welcome home to fellow bubblehead Craig from his deployment to Afghanistan, and thanks to Amy for sharing the awesome pictures of their reunion in the airport.

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