Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Things I learned about my credit score - Ripple Effects

Okay, this is driving me nuts.

We're in the process of buying a house in Ashburn, Virginia. Keep in mind we lived in Ashburn during our last shore tour in the DC area, so we have "history" with the local utilities. Now, if you ask me, I would characterize it as GOOD history because we had 2 years and 9 months of paying our bill on time every month. However (comma), remember from the previous post that the big BLEMISH on my credit history is the fact that Dominion Power sent our final bill for a whopping $70 to a collection agency when we the bill took a while catching up to us on our PCS move to Hawaii.

Our realtor asked me to go ahead and call the utility companies and set up the services at the house in our name starting on our closing date.

Phone call #1...

I called Dominion Power to set up the service at our new house. They ask for my social security number. I give it to them. Dominion Power proceeds to inform me that because of my "history" with them, they want a


security deposit to set up a new account under my name. You WHAT?!?!?! After TWO YEARS and NINE MONTHS of paying our bill on time every month, just because we were late in paying our final bill for a measley $70 while in transit to Hawaii, you want me to pay SIX TIMES as much as that one delinquent payment???

Phone call #2...

I called Washington Gas. They asked for my social security number. I gave it to them. The Washington Gas customer service representative on the phone proceeded to inform me that because of my "credit history" that he did not have sufficient authority to establish my new account and that I would have to talk to a supervisor. Um... okay... Then, he tells me that the supervisor will call me back.

...They never called.

Eventually, I got it all worked out. I spoke with a supervisor at Dominion and although a supervisor at Washington Gas never called me back, a supervisor reviewed the application and approved my new account. Still, it's just the fact that I have to jump through these extra hoops that's frustrating me.


Don't let this happen to you! Save yourself the hassle! Be proactive, seek out your final amount due on your utility bills when you transfer and pay them.


One Crazy Adventure said...

Ahhh... the frustration!!! That stinks. Utility companies are no fun. Good luck with getting everything set up the easy way.

Thanks for stopping by... I have been pretty bad about making my blog rounds lately.

Anonymous said...

What a pain! We have friends that just got to HI that have a similar bill issue with DirectTv. UGH!

You're right...keep on top of your credit...its just the smart thing to do! When I did the rental app for MI I ran mine just to see it...and found out they have me as being born in 1963. Um, hello? So be smart!

Hope things get smoother from here on out!

the wifey said...

oh man, how annoying. i totally feel the same way about utility companies. grr. when my hubby and i were engaged and i lived several hours away, i was supposed to take care of his bills during his 6 month deployment. unfortunately, the bills were sometimes slow in being forwarded to me and i was late on one of the electric bills. needless to say, the bills were put on auto-pay after that =)