Friday, August 8, 2008

Aloha Furniture

The vast majority of our shtuff is all boxed up in crates headed for Virginia. The timing worked out perfectly, because right as the moving truck drove away from our house, the Aloha Furniture delivery truck pulled up in front of our house.

In case you're curious what the Aloha Furniture is like, here are a couple of snapshots.

Dining Room

Family Room
Aside: No, Aloha Furniture did NOT supply the TV, XBox, satellite receiver or the black table they are all sitting on. LW says you can rent a 13" TV from the YMCA loan locker. The MWR loan locker on base will loan you a large bin of basic kitchen stuff - plates, flatware, cups, pots and pans, etc. For more information, you can pick up a flyer on the counter in the Aloha Center / Housing Office across the street from PSD and Ruby Tuesday.
We also got beds and dressers upstairs.

GOUGE: Note that Aloha Furniture only provides twin or double size beds. Some of our neighbors passed on the gouge that you should get two twins instead of the double size bed and set them up next to each other. Viola! It's a king size!

LW went out and bought some king size sheets to put on the bed. She washed them and dried them and then set them down on the couch... yyyyyeah, they're gone. Packed. Moved. Bye-bye. In a wooden crate on their way across the Pacific where they'll be absolutely useless to us in Virginia.

It's my fault. I should have put a pink sticky-note on them. :-)

LW is now exasperated and on her way out to buy some more king-size sheets.

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