Friday, August 1, 2008

Chief Results Are Out

The results of the FY09 E-7 Selection Board are published on BUPERS Online. In other words, board eligible individuals can look at BUPERS to see if they were selected, and people with command access like COs, XOs, and COBs can see the results for their command. We had 2 out of 7 eligible guys get selected.

Congratulations to those who made Chief!

The message is out now, too. DTG 011859Z AUG 08. To see the entire list, keep an eye on this website. They will eventually post the message there at the top of the FY-09 where it says FY09 CPO Selectees.

The message is available as a MS Word document for download here. (H/T to Andy)

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Andy said... already has the list up - Congrats to all!