Friday, August 29, 2008

Farewell Mighty MSP

Tis a sad day.

The Mighty MSP is no more.

At approximately 1125 this morning, the CO ordered the Ship's Duty Officer to strike the ship's colors, and two of our quartermasters lowered the National Ensign for the last time. The CO signed over custody of the EX MINNEAPOLIS SAINT PAUL to the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, and the crew was released. (See previous post on decom).

It was a very simple, low-key ceremony in khakis and utilities on the wing wall of Dry Dock #1. The ceremony lasted all of 17 minutes. I will post some pictures of the ceremony as soon as I get them from the shipyard (the pictures taken by the shipyard have to be reviewed and declared unclassified before they can be distributed).

In the meantime, I thought I'd share a video with you. I've been cleaning out my office on the barge and getting ready to leave Hawaii. In the process of cleaning things out, I have happened upon all sorts of mementos.

In preparation for the MSP's crossing the line ceremony last year, we had a Wog No-Talent show where the wogs had the opportunity to demonstrate their talent at entertaining the shellbacks and earn a spot on King Neptune's court (thus bypassing going through the initiation ceremony the next day). One of our sonar technicians demonstrated his "talent" at video editing and he made this music video for us. It was unusual for a "talent" show, but I thought it turned out really well.


JoAnn Ross said...

Loved the video, but a quibble. . . I don't think it officially qualifies for a No-Talent show. It's super.

I hope you keep up your blog once you leave Hawaii; I just stumbled across it and am already addicted.

Nereus said...

I truly hope that this isn't the end of the BLUNOZ blog..

I have enjoyed living vicariously "Aloha" through your blog. Your commentary and featured places on the island of Oahu and the Naval Station Pearl Harbor gave me the fix of island life I missed after transferring back to the mainland.

Keep blogging when you reach the beltway. I know there will be more adventure and frustration when you go from "Aloha" living to the uptight East coast (SUBLANT) mindset.

There are so may things to answer...

What happened to the HHG???

Will Blunoz find adequate Mexican food in Virginia??

How will the family adjust to weather outside of the 80 Degree plus or minus 5 band??

Will the family car turn signals work after living in Hawaii?

Hope you and your family the best and godspeed with the move.

Enjoy your travels across the great states that make up America

Thanks for serving and doing the hard job.


blunoz said...

JoAnn and Nereus, Thanks very much for your encouragement to continue blogging after we leave Hawaii. Although I won't be adding anymore to my "Hawaii Gouge" files, I'm sure I will have more to write about, including the answers to Nereus' questions. :-)

The one about the turn signals really made my wife and me both laugh out loud, thanks!