Friday, August 1, 2008

The world according to American news media

My friend Loping Squid forwarded this video to me. Sadly, I'm not very surprised by it. (Aside to LS - It's probably more surprising to you having been an expat for so many years a not suffering from the popular American news media in CONUS).

Along the same topic of news media portrayal of events, this video makes for an interesting compliment to posts like this one (H/T to Checks with Chart), and a recurring theme in the Broadside Blog in posts like this one and this one.


Nicolas said...

Something seems to be wrong with the embedded video player. I'd love to know which TED talk you're talking about, but it won't play it!

blunoz said...

Nicolas - I fixed the link. Sorry about that. I would send you an email but your profile isn't viewable.