Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tuesday night randoms

Nothing terribly exciting tonight, just a few odds and ends...

A couple of interesting articles in the Honolulu Advertiser...

1. Many Hawaii Drivers Flunk Online Test.
"A significant number of Hawai'i's drivers should not be on the road, according to a recent online test. That's because nearly 22 percent of Hawai'i's drivers would not pass the written test required for getting a license if they took the test today, the annual survey indicated."
No! Say it isn't so! I'm SHOCKED. Sorry, just a little bit of sarcasm there. Frankly, I'm surprised it was ONLY 22 percent.

2. Lego Art. We might have to go to the mall this weekend...
"New York artist Nathan Sawaya, with one of his latest LEGO projects at Pearlridge Center yesterday. Sawaya's creations are on view daily at the mall through July 20. You can also build your own LEGO creations from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday and Sunday."

Crash Hot Potatoes

For dinner tonight, LW made some of these Crash Hot Potatoes, and they were REALLY good.

Thinking Positive

Although we're disappointed about not going back to the mainland for shore duty, we're trying to look on the bright side and focus on the positive aspects. So continuing my previous list of benefits of staying in hawaii, here are a couple more we came up with:

- I complained before about buying that silly dinner dress white jacket for the sub ball and that I'd only wear it once because we never wear them on the mainland. Well... Now I get to wear it a few more times! :-)

- We're going to have a lifetime supply of cleaning agents, candles, and liquor when all the other officers from our boat move and give us their stuff they aren't allowed to pack up in their household good shipments.

Oh, as promised, I did go back and add the group photo from our command picnic to my last post.

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