Friday, June 13, 2008

Hawaii it is then

Well, after several rounds of negotiations with the detailer, my attempts to go back to the east coast have failed. We're staying here in Hawaii for shore duty. Although it's not what we wanted, it's actually a good thing for several reasons:

- It's not Japan. (That was the other option on the table, and I just didn't think LW would enjoy living there.)
- We don't have to move.
- The boys can stay in the same schools with the same friends.
- It'll be a good job for my own professional development.
- The job will involve some travel to other submarine home ports, so I'll get to visit family in San Diego and the PACNORWEST periodically on the Navy's dime.
- We don't have to move.
- I can continue to wear all these Hawaiian shirts I've bought. Have you ever been somewhere on the mainland and noticed when someone from Hawaii walks into the room? They always wear some sort of aloha shirt and stick out like a sore thumb, because nobody else on the mainland wears them.
- We can continue to make money on Hawaii COLA (Cost of Living Allowance).
- We don't have to move.
- Friends and family can continue to come stay at the Blunoz family B&B free of charge.
- We can continue to forget what really bad weather is like (our prayers go out to those suffering from tornadoes and flooding right now).
- We don't have to move.
- I can volunteer to do more with the cub scout pack.
- We'll actually get to USE the new swimming pool and community center they're building our our housing area.
- We don't have to move.
- Malasadas.
- Fruity tropical drinks with little paper umbrellas and a pineapple wedge in them.
- We don't have to move.
- I get to say "aloha" more.
- LW can't spend any money at Target or Kohls or any of those other stores she loves back on the mainland. :-)
- We don't have to move.
- We have a couple more years to explore the other islands - next up we'd like to go to Kauai.
- You all get to read more blog posts about our adventures around Hawaii.
- We don't have to move.

Uh oh... Now LW is writing a new honey-do list for me to do around the house since this is no longer just our temporary home.


Sagey said...

BTW, the COLA isn't really helping all that much. What really helps us save money is that I don't shop like I used to because there is no Target or Kohls. It will be interesting to see what the finaces due when Target opens in March. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to say we'll get to see you there in a few short months but the chances of us going there get slimmer every day.

Hey, at least you're finding all the matter how repetitive they might be. :) (and yes...WE DON'T HAVE TO MOVE is an amazing plus!)

Sorry to hear you didn't get what you were hoping for but like you said, could be worse! Enjoy the new position over there!

C said...

Yeah, Kohl's and Target are bad news here, too. It is WAY too easy to spend money there.

Congrats on orders, though! And on not having to move. :)

RM1(SS) (ret) said...

We're staying here in Hawaii for shore duty.

You poor lad....

I've noticed that everyone who's been to Hawai`i seems to either absolutely love it or absolutely hate it - no middle-of-the-road feelings here. I'm in the "hated it" camp; I came to CT in '97 because Prov was the only boat the detailer offered me that wasn't in HI or en route to HI.