Sunday, June 15, 2008

Flag Day on the Mighty Mo

Today the Boy Scout Troop 180 invited our Cub Scout Pack to participate with them in the Flag Day ceremony on the USS MISSOURI today. The program included walking up each of the historic flags of the United States and explaining their significance and meaning.

I am SO proud of ES! The boy scouts were one scout short on flag-bearers and asked if ES would like to carry one of the flags. They lined the scouts up by height, so he was the shortest and therefore was the FIRST to walk up in front of the large audience. I've mentioned before how ES doesn't handle performing in front of a crowd very well, so I was astonished when he said yes, he would carry the flag.

He did a GREAT job! He carried the Pine Tree flag up in front of the audience and stood there holding it while the M.C. read the history of the flag, then he carried it over to the flag stand where I helped him lift it up and put it in the hole.

It was a great experience for us.

Lining up for the ceremony.

ES holding the Pine Tree Flag
during the ceremony. It was windy, too.

All the flags in a row on display.

ES and I might be in the newspaper tomorrow, too. While the boys were lining up and I was kneeling next to ES explaining where he was going to walk and what he was going to do, a photographer from the Honolulu Advertiser took our photo then came up and asked for our names to go with the photo.

Tonight after dinner, we were joking about how we're becoming celebrities. The boys and I had our picture in the Loudoun County newspaper after the Dulles Plane Pull. Then we had our picture in the news in Norfolk at our homecoming from deployment. Now we might be in the Honolulu Advertiser tomorrow. Pretty soon, people are gonna start asking for our autographs!

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