Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wii're Addicted

Like a few other bloggers I enjoy reading, we have joined the masses of Wii addicts. We got the boys a Wii for Christmas, and it's been a lot of fun playing Wii Sports. My two step-brothers here visiting have played before, so they've been showing us all sorts of fancy tricks in Wii Bowling.

It's had an impact on our vocabulary, too. Uncle Dave got us started with, "That's wiidiculous!" when he wasn't satisfied with the way his bowling ball had spun or which pins didn't go down.

The Wii fitness test is pretty cool. We're all a bunch of old fogies. The Wii Fitness test tells you your "Wii Age" at the end of the test. LW and I both had Wii ages in the ballpark of 70 years old.

The boys and I have really enjoyed playing Wii Boxing. ES came very close to beating me at boxing last night - the referee called it a "tie."

YS and ES Duke it out in Wii Boxing

Playing the Wii is quite a good workout, too. Especially after a game of boxing, I find my heart rate and respiration are up. Plus, LW and I have been suffering from cases of Wii-elbow the past couple of days, too. I wonder if anyone has any statistics on Wii injuries or if any of them have gone to the ER yet?

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Nalventures said...

Welcome to the wonderful of Wii. Wii also love it! We used to have 'Wiinaments' with the 'A' Team. I am still striving to reach S's record of 300 in bowling.