Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tree Trimming

After church today we went to the NEX for lunch and bought our Christmas tree. I was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices on the trees at the NEX. We bought a Noble Fir from Tacoma, WA.
Christmas Tree Shopping 2007
This was the tree we bought - a Noble Fir from Tacoma, WA.

We came home and re-arranged the furniture in the family room to support the Christmas tree setup.
This is the Hawaiian quilt tree-skirt we picked up at the swap meet.

Last year, YS didn't really understood what we were doing. Yes, he enjoyed putting up the tree and "helping" put the ornaments on the tree, but I don't think he really associated it with the whole Christmas season. Today, I was surprised by how extremely excited YS was about decorating the tree. I mean, he was in a state of perpetual motion and absolutely could NOT stand still. He was hopping everywhere he went for hours on end. He couldn't wait for me to put the lights on the tree so he could put the ornaments on, and he kept asking over and over and over again when he got to put the star on the tree. So after I got the lights on, I lifted YS up to put the star on top.

YS puts the star on top, 2007.

My favorite quote of the afternoon: ES remembered the "rules" on placing fragile ornaments from last year and commented to LW that we had to hang a fragile ornament up high so YS couldn't reach it. LW explained to him that it was okay, YS is old enough now to know not to break them. Not long afterward, YS said, "Daddy, will you lift me up? I want to put this one up high where ES can't reach it and break it."


E.P. said...

Hmm, live tree in Hawai'i. We had one while I was out there. We bought a real tree our last winter out there, yours is much nicer than that one (think Charlie Brown). I think it had been cut in July. By Christmas Eve, the needles were essentially gone. Your's looks much better though.

Anonymous said...

*chuckle* Kids! :)

The tree and quilt skirt are beautiful. I envy anyone that can have a live tree. (I'm allergic)

Sounds like the kids have gotten in the spirt! More tidings coming ya'lls way....

Sagey said...

Sam, pine tree and birch trees are the ONLY two trees I am NOT allergic to. So I love to get a real tree every year. I am so sorry that you can't have one. I hope you can at least use pine scented candles in your home. :-)

JoLee said...

LOVE the tree skirt! Amazing!