Monday, December 10, 2007

Letter to Santa

I really got a kick out of ES's Christmas wish list he asked us to forward to Santa.

In case you aren't able to decipher that, here's a transcript of his wish list:
  • a red light saber (I don't know what the "2 ples" part means)
  • a machine gun
  • the Rescue Hero jet
  • a fire search and rescue truck
  • the Age of Empires version of Star Wars (I'll explain)
  • a remote control helicopter
To explain the second to last item - We saw a Star Wars video game at the NEX, and I explained to ES it was an RTS (Real Time Strategy) game like Age of Empires. He loves playing RTS games like Age of Empires and Command and Conquer. These are games where you have the God's-eye-view looking down on the battlefield and select individual or groups of knights and catapults (Age of Empires) or soldiers and tanks (Command and Conquer) and direct them in battle to attack enemy troops or buildings.

Since ES doesn't read my blog, I feel it's safe telling you that Santa has been looking EVERYWHERE for the red light saber (we found the version that you have to flick-out, but we wanted to find the spring-loaded push-button version). Santa HAS bought ES the last two items on his list though. LW found a pair of Air Hogs for almost half the price they are charging on Amazon.

Anyway, I thought it was a cool snapshot of what interests my 6-year old.


E.P. said...

All I can come up with for the "2 ples" part might be "to play with"? What think you?

Anonymous said...

That's to flippin' cute!

If Santa gets too hung up drinking a fruity drink on the sandy north shore, have him hit up his elves in the Midwest. The elusive gift might be shippable.

The Angry Rant said...

Based on my inherent understanding of the inner workings of a 6 year old's mind, I'd guess the '2 ples' means a lightsaber like Darth Maul's.

Corey said...

I'll check Target for the light saber next time I'm over there.

Sagey said...

Okay, it just dawned on me. "2 ples" means he wants TWO red light sabers. One for him and one for a friend (or Greg). But Angry Rant might also be correct. Is Darth Maul's light saber red?

Sagey said...

Oh and if it is Darth Maul, not gonna happen. They are at least $80!

RM1(SS) (ret) said...

Looks to me like "A red light sabre - 2, please."

Corey said...

Yeah, I think he wants 2 of them. Darth Maul's is red but very, very pricey.

blunoz said...

We asked ES tonight what he meant with the red light sabers. RM1(SS) retired was 100% correct. YS wanted "2 please" so that he could have one and his little brother YS could have one. How sweet! ...I think... if giving your brother a fighting instrument to challenge him to a duel can be "sweet."

The Angry Rant said...

That's cool.

Looks like I need to take a 'inner workings of the 6 yr old mind' refresher course.


Sagey said...

I know you all are stressing over the lack of Red Light Sabers on the island but today I found THREE! We went to the Air Force Base Exchange after stopping at the Post Office and low and behold! So ES will be getting ONE red light saber from M&D and YS will be getting some geotrax (he said he did not want a red light saber, and yea like we needed more geotrax but we need to keep the present quantity even :-))

JoLee said...

Oh, come now.... even I can read that: "2 ples" = two please! Next time you don't understand ask a GRANDMA!