Sunday, December 2, 2007

Updated Dec 3rd

Um... John? Thanks a BUNCH for introducing me to this game. Did you detect just a slight tone of sarcasm in my voice there? OMG this is addicting.

Can't... stop... playing...

Must... destroy... creeps...

You've been warned, but if you'd like to try it, click here. Also, I created a group to compare scores with friends. If you'd like to submit your score to my group, the group name is blunoz.

Update Dec 2nd: Observations / Strategy Tips I've learned so far:
- The Squirt Tower is the most effective weapon for rapid fire and damage, but they cost too much to use them exclusively.
- The Pellet Tower isn't very effective, but because they're the cheapest to build, I use them as walls to create a maze the creeps have to follow a torturous path through while the Squirt Towers pummel them.
- While you don't need to spend the money on them for the first couple of rounds, it's essential to build a Dart Tower before the first round of Group Creeps (round 3). The Dart Tower causes damage to all the creeps in a close proximity, so they're very effective against groups. The Pellet and Squirt Towers are almost useless fighting the groups, and most will get through if you don't have any Dart Towers.
- The Swarm Tower is devastating against the airborne creeps, but I have found they're not really worth the money. The Squirt and Pellet Towers are perfectly capable of knocking down all the airborne creeps and don't cost nearly as much as the Swarm Tower.
- I have not found the Frost Tower to be particularly useful.

Pellet, Squirt, Dart, Swarm, Frost...

- The Boss Creeps are extremely hard to kill, and it took me many games to finally kill one. When you do though, you win a LOT of money and can build a LOT more towers.
- The Dark Creeps may as well be a bunch of Boss Creeps. I don't know how on Earth we're supposed to defeat them. Maybe I need to use one of the other expensive special towers to knock them out. Usually, the arrival of the Dark Creeps mark the END of my game, because I can't knock one of them out, much less 20 of them at once!

Update Dec 3rd: Loping Squid blew my strategy out of the water and beat the game. Check out his blog post with a picture of his winning tower placement.


E.P. said...

Mwah ha ha ha ha!!!
My plan to reduce the efficiency of the U.S. Submarine force is well in hand!!!!!

Loping Squid said...

I responded to your post on

. I finally beat the stupid thing!! (On the normal level at least.)

Corey said...

Here's another version for you...