Friday, November 16, 2007

Update with Pictures

I promised an update with pictures from Yoshi and Miwa's visit.

Yoshi and me near Silverton, Colorado, circa early 1981 or 82.
This was one of my favorite pictures of Yoshi and me. Nice socks, eh?

Me and Yoshi in Japan, 1979

LW says this is a really picture of ES in 1970's clothing.
Once again, nice socks, eh?

Me and Yoshi hula dance in Kaneohe, 2007

Yoshi teaches ES some karate moves.

Yeah, about that... I really appreciate Yoshi teaching ES karate moves (just a wee bit of sarcasm there). I know I complained earlier about my boys' obsession with guns and pretending to shoot everything and making "schpew" noises, but ya know what? At least those "schpew" noises didn't come with any physical contact. Now ES has been practicing his karate punch on my thighs for the past two days. I'm surprised I don't have any bruises... yet.

After dinner at our house Tuesday night before Yoshi and Miwa flew back to Osaka.

Hope you enjoyed (and got a good laugh) from the pictures. :-)


E.P. said...

I'm with LW. You need to tell ES that his socks don't match. And his ship (from the ballcap) is long-since decommed.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Seriously...ES is a mini you!

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Oh yeah...and those plaid shorts paired with the striped athletic socks...niiiiiice!

E.P. said...

CC, your comments are always the best! You must be very smart.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics...I agree, there's no mistaken ES' roots. And what a great chance to visit with a friend from the past. NEAT!!!

JoLee said...

I've known for 3 years that ES is a mini Blunoz. Had absolute confirmation of it @ Macaroni Grill in VA! :)