Monday, November 5, 2007

Concessions - follow-up

There's something bizarre and wrong in the universe this weekend. I mean, Navy beat Notre Dame (first time in 44 years!). Then there's this bizarre weather we've been having. Granted, living here in Hawaii for three months by no means makes me any sort of an expert on life or weather patterns in Hawaii. Still, the weather has been the same every day for the past three months. Then this week it rained a bit more than we were used to. Then last night and today it's just been pouring buckets, to the point of waking LW and I up several times in the night because of the loud roar coming from the roof. Plus, it's the first time we've observed thunder and lightning here.

Based on Future Chaps' recommendation, and our lack of motivation to go out in the rain this morning, we decided to try the evening church service at FPC. The music was good (contemporary Christian), and I enjoyed the message that Jordan shared with us setting the stage for the story of Noah's Ark (he's doing a series on Genesis).

However, going back to the kids' influence on choosing a church... There attendance at the evening service was like 25 people (compared to hundreds in the morning), and there was nobody in the Sunday school area downstairs. One nice lady offered to take our boys down there, but they didn't want to go because (a) there weren't any other kids there, and (b) they had no idea who this lady was who was offering to take them away.

So both boys stayed with us in the sanctuary. They started out behaving okay, but got progressively worse. I thought a major fight was going to break out when YS kicked ES's flip flops down the aisle. In retaliation, ES proceeded to angrily and forcefully STOMP on top of both of YS's feet. We separated them, but then ES was kicking the backs of the chairs in front of us, and YS was wandering up and down the aisle with his precious blue blanket draped over his head like a ghost. Some of the people sitting next to the aisle a few rows in either direction were giggling watching him.

We eventually gave up and left the service early because the boys were just spiraling out of control. So I think we'll stick with the concession on the music aspect and go back to the morning service where at least ES will go willingly into the Sunday school, and we can work on getting YS to know the people there so he'll go, too.


E.P. said...

No "crying room" in the church?

Sam said...

I almost missed the church part as I was furiously rolling my eyes at your "crazy" weather given that its in the 30's here and they're calling for snow. Then I remembered, everyone doesn't live in an armpit city! :)

Even church isn't immune to fighting brothers eh? I can even picture the scene as you type it!

Tell your sweet wife I haven't quite mastered the smores gallettes yet but there's a fresh batch of browned butter pecan shortbreads and junior mint oreo fudge on my counter. :)