Saturday, November 10, 2007

A smattering of little things

Small world. I followed a link in our friend Caffienated Cowgirl's blog to another blog she recommended, The Lucky Wifey. Then, reading the comments on one of the posts of the Lucky Wifey, I clicked on the link to another blog for another Navy family. I wrote a comment on their blog, and low and behold - it's my old Chop from my first boat (JO tour)! Bizarre.

Update to My Previous Post about things that go "bang." I need to add a new favorite sound #4 that YS has learned to do in the past two days or so. He has figured out how to do this extremely rapid flicking of his tongue that I can't even do myself. He's using it as his new "machine gun" noise. We went and did some shopping this afternoon, and YS was ducking in and out of the aisles shooting at LW and me with his fingers and his new machine gun noise.

A swing and a miss. After all that trouble I went through to save the Heroes Season Two episodes on DVD before the cable company came to take the DVR away, I was frustrated that (a) I missed the season premier, and (b) the disk wouldn't work. It kept skipping and blurring and stopping in the middle of the show. Then, come to find out, I didn't need to DVR it or burn it to DVD, because you can watch it right on the NBC website! (Thank you, LW, for pointing that out to me - you're so smart!) Unfortunately, they don't have the season premier there, but I was able to pick up the next episode and watch without it skipping or stopping. One disadvantage of watching on the NBC website was that you have to watch a commercial at regular intervals. On a positive note though, it was only one commercial at a time, and they were actually pretty funny commercials for the Comfort Inn.


Sagey said...
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Mom said...

I, too, have discovered watching shows online. During the fires a couple of weeks ago I was able to catch the shows that were pre-empted here by fire coverage (while keeping the TV on in the background for important news like evacuations.) I even have watched Chuck since you commented on it. (Tried to watch HIMYM but couldn't get it to load for some reason.)
The online commercials aren't too bad. They're different for each show you watch, and like you said - only one at a time.