Saturday, November 24, 2007

Things kids learn in 1st Grade

So just this last week, I've noticed ES has invoked the "10-Second" rule a couple of times. The first time was with a lollipop at the barber shop. I saw him drop it on the floor after licking it (so I knew it had to be all nice and sticky to pick up pieces of hair and dirt off the floor) and told him to go throw it in the trash. He said, "But it was less than 10 seconds!" I was like, Uhhhhh, NO. I didn't really question where he got the "10 seconds" from. I just told him to put it in the trash.

Then last night at dinner, he invoked the "10-Second" rule for something YS dropped on the floor and I told him to throw in the trash. LW was a much better nuke than me and maintained a questioning attitude. She asked ES where he learned said 10-Second rule. His answer? "Father Terry."

Yep, first my son's Catholic school taught him to dress up like murders and thieves at the pirate-themed fall festival, and now they're teaching him unsanitary practices with food they drop on the ground. What's next? Hacking into computers on the internet? Robbing banks? Rappelling from the top of the church steeple? Hang gliding?
Aside: I know the written word tends to lack non-verbal cues and emotions, so just to clarify: I'm not really angry about this. I'm writing this all with a smirk on my face. I just thought it was kind of funny that a Catholic priest at my son's school was the guy who taught him the "10-second" rule.

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JoLee said...

There is 'some' truth to the 5 second rule:

So why didn't you let your son have the sucker with the hair on it.... encourage it. He'll soon learn, tho it may gross you out. Now you know why Jon & Dave are the way they are! :)