Thursday, April 23, 2009

Workout Tunes

To start off on a positive note, I really like the new radio station they've been playing in the PAC Annex (Pentagon Athletic Center Annex in Crystal City). "Fresh" 94.7 FM reminds me of Mix 98.5 that LW and I used to listen to in Boston in the late 90's. You can listen online, too (just click on the "listen live" button on the webpage linked above). To give me some variety in the office, I have been alternating between KLOVE, WGTS, and Fresh 94.7.

So, you might be asking yourself, "Self, why did he have to listen to the music chosen by the guy working the counter at the gym? What happened to that new superwhamodyne BlackBerry Storm he bought?"

Well, funny you should ask.

It decided it didn't like making sounds. It preferred life as a decidedly MUTE BlackBerry. It wouldn't play music, and it wouldn't even play any sounds when I received an email or a phone call.

I tried calling my cell phone - nada, zip, nothing. Looking at the screen, you can see the call coming in, but not a peep from the speaker.

I tried cycling the power on and off and tested it again. Nope, still nothing.

So tonight after I got the boys in bed, I called Verizon Wireless customer service. After waiting on hold for like fifteen minutes, a very friendly and helpful customer service representative resuscitated my poor BlackBerry.

I feel pretty stupid though.

Anybody else have this problem? Are you ready for instructions how to fix it?

Step 1. Do NOT turn the power off.

Step 2. With the power ON, remove the battery cover.

Step 3. Remember, DON'T turn the power off.

Step 5. With the power ON, remove the battery.
Aside: My wife has been making fun of me because I have to tap my BlackBerry on something hard to get the battery to pop out, and she can just pull hers in and out with ease. So tonight while I was on the phone with the customer service guy and I started tapping my phone on the end table to get the battery out, she said, "Give it to me." I handed it to her... she pulled... she prodded... she shook... and then she started tapping the BlackBerry on the end table to get the battery out. I don't feel so stupid anymore. :-)
Step 6. This is a stealth step. I say that because the Verizon wireless guy won't tell you to do it, but just assumes that you did it, wait a minute or so, and ask if it's done booting up yet. Step 6: Put the battery back in.

Step 7. Wait for what seems like an eternity for the BlackBerry to reboot and do its internal software checks.

Step 8. Rejoice and do a happy dance because your BlackBerry is resurrected and will now ring when there's a phone call, chime when there's an email, and even play music for you at the gym (if you're nice to it).

Funny thing, the Verizon guy on the phone told me that other BlackBerry Storm users have found that periodically removing the battery WHILE THE POWER IS ON and then reinserting the battery will help reduce the frequency of lock-ups. Now why didn't I think of that??? I should remove the battery from my phone more often - as if that's totally normal?

I guess the practical lesson I should learn from this is to remove the battery from my phone as I walk from the bus stop to the PAC Annex so that it will be done booting up and ready to play music for me by the time I am ready to work out.

On a positive note, he said to expect a BlackBerry Storm software upgrade in the next couple of weeks that is supposed to dramatically improve the Storm's performance and stop it from locking up so much.

P.S. There is NO NEED for any comments from you devoted Apple / Mac people in the peanut gallery. I just know I'm gonna take a, "You should've bought an iPhone or an iPod," comment on this post. Thbbbbt! :-P


Sagey said...

You forgot that he also had you install VCast Music again.

In regards to the IPhone they are only with Cingular/AT&T and I am not switching carriers. So you will eternally be out of luck on that one. :-)

divrchk said...

I'd love an iphone but am sticking with Verizon. I love my LG Dare.

Eoin said...

Yes battery pulls do help.

YOu can get the latest software v4.7.0.122 from the RIm site for the canada carrier and it is way better that the current version. Makes it way more reliable.

The Silver Fox said...

"I should remove the battery from my phone more often - as if that's totally normal?"

Of course. In fact, I often unplug my PC while I'm composing emails or blogs. I also unplug my DVD player in the middle of movies.

I doubt either practice helps in any way, but they keep me from getting bored.

blunoz said...

Eoin - thanks, I'll have to look into that.

David - You ROCK! See, I keep saying you're a much better writer than me. Your analogies of unplugging the computer and the DVD player are absolutely right on the money. Thanks for making me laugh. :-)