Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Rants

Some things I don't understand...

1. To whoever it is that spilled coffee all over the counter in the men's room in my office building and didn't wipe it up:

Um... why? There are plenty of paper towels in the dispenser. Do you think your mother works here and is going to clean up your mess???

2. To whoever it was that caused the urinal in the men's room to overflow and did absolutely nothing about it:

Okay, I know you may not be a nuke like me, but still, why wouldn't you at least TRY jiggling the handle of the flush valve to see if it would STOP gushing water everywhere? I was in the stall (sorry if that's TMI) and I heard you flush the urinal and then wash and then dry your hands while the urinal was noticeably GUSHING water and overflowing and SPLATTERING all over the floor. Yet you did NOTHING. "Ho-hum, not my job to fix it, so I guess I'll just let it flood the building." Luckily, before I could get up and before the water reached my feet, someone else came in the men's room, immediately recognized the casualty and source of the flooding, splish-splashed his way across the men's room, and jiggled the handle. Ya know what? The water STOPPED! What a concept!

3. To the guy standing on the sidewalk who flicked your cigarette butt into the street right in front of me:

I must say, that was quite the debonair flourish and fancy flick of the wrist you used to dispose of your cigarette butt. You must've spent a lot of time in front of a mirror practicing that move at home to get it JUST RIGHT. But dude... you were STANDING RIGHT SMACK NEXT TO A GOSH DARN ASH TRAY!!!!!!! It made you look pretty darn STUPID if you ask me.

Granted, anyone who flicks their cigarette butts in the street annoys me, but to stand next to an ash tray and do it just added insult to injury.

4. To any other husband/father types considering starting their own blog:

DON'T WRITE BIRTHDAY POSTS. If you write "Happy Birthday" blog posts for one child... and then another child... and then DON'T write one for your wife... YOU'RE GONNA HEAR ABOUT IT!!!

Happy belated birthday Sweetie! ;-)

Aside: I got LW a pottery barn coffee table she wanted...

...which the boys promptly turned into a "fort." (YB is actually IN that picture, although you can't see him.)


Sagey said...


And, yea that was TMI.

JoLee said...

ummm...ahhh...sorry about the suggestion that the table would make a great fort and that with the blanket on there YS could pretend to be anything he wanted to be since it was dark in there and no one would know what he WAS. :)
We enjoyed spending LW/DILs BD with her!