Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dear Under Armour...

Another spring, another PRT done.

(PRT = the Navy's Physical Readiness Test we have to take every 6 months. You do as many situps as you can in 2 minutes, then as many pushups as you can in 2 minutes, then go for a 1.5 mile run.)

This was my first PRT since reporting to the Pentagon. We ran it in LBJ Park on the waterfront side of North Parking. It was actually a very nice park setting. There's a quarter mile loop trail in there, so you do six laps to make it the required 1.5 miles.

After the PRT, we went out for the ceremonial gut-bomb burger at Red Robin for dinner tonight.

When we got home tonight, I unpacked my gym bag and tossed my official Navy PT Gear in the laundry. Next will come the ceremonial burial of the official Navy PT Gear in my dresser drawer until the next time I'm required to wear it for the PRT.

The Navy adopted this new official PT uniform about a year ago. I think it looks fine, but it's NOT comfortable. I don't know why Under Armour isn't making any yet. Given the complaints across the blogosphere and in the Navy Times about how people hate the new PT uniform, UA would make a killing if they'd just make a gold shirt and blue shorts with the NAVY logo on each so that it LOOKED just like the official Navy PT gear, but had the comfort of UA gear.

To any UA executives reading my blog:

PLEASE make me some shirts and shorts that look like this. I'll be the first in line to buy some!

In the meantime, I'll go back to wearing my usual workout gear.


Loping Squid said...

If it makes you feel any better...after buying a set of the navy PT gear, I was informed that we won't be wearing it for the foreseeable future here. We do our PRT off base and the FP guys just won't have it!
Wait. That probably didn't make you feel any better. I mean, I guess I wasted the money on the official PT gear, but at least I can PT in what I want!

Dani said...

Which reminds me ... I need to pick some up before next week and command (or maybe just departmental) PT. Unfortunately the last time I checked they were out of my size ... guess I need to try a different NEX.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree!! When I'm out running I damn near look like I'm sponsored by UA!!